Annie from Yorkbbs.ca

                  – Annie from Yorkbbs.ca

Young Investor

“(我们)买房一开始只是为了居住,在和Fred Sam的认识和接触过程中,我们开始对买房越来越有兴趣,然后就开始了购买更多的房产……”
                – Young Investor of Express Realty Inc

Gang Wu, Barrister & Solicitor

                 - Gang Wu, Barrister & Solicitor

Penny Peltier, Broker of Record from Great Land Global Realty

“I can just make a quick phone call to you (Express Realty Inc.), and you can bring hundreds of customers…It will be a nice relationship, because I can offer you as many units as you pretty much need….we can have a good future together…”
                – Penny Peltier, Broker of Record from Great Land Global Realty

David Chung, Menkes

“他 (Sam) 真的很兢兢业业来看你需要什么,希望得到什么,可以帮到你, 他(Sam)是一个很好的顾问……
– David Chung, from Menkes

Holic Levitt

“Sam comes to me with a wonderful concept and great opportunities for his clients to invest their money in the real estate market… One of Sam’s greatest attributes is the professionalism and the speed at which he does things…”
                 - Brian Horlick, Barristers & Solicitors, President of Horlick Levitt

Tim Toole of Deaconwood

“It (Express Realty Inc.) is a great concept; and I think it’s the way of the future…”
                  – Tim Toole, Owner of Deaconwood

Annie Li TD Bank Mortgage Broker

“恭祝Sam的地产公司 (Express Realty Inc.) 做的非常成功,生意兴隆……”
                – Annie Li, TD Bank mortgage broker