The investment advisors of Express Realty are well suited for people who are interested in investing in real estate. Investors can include housewives, students, retirees, some real estate related professional individuals, and corporate organizations. Investment decisions will be made after a full analysis of the local economic and market conditions based on the investors personal requirements and the amount of investment capital. Our consultant will provide the investor with a professional investment plan including investment amount, investment duration, and rate of return. Every investment plan has options of a single investment or investments in several projects in a short-term or a long-term horizon. Express Realty Inc. provides three types of investments opportunities: pre-construction purchase and resale, renovation and demolition, and land investment.

Sale Service

Buying and selling is one of the basic services from Express Realty Inc. Our firm has a group of highly specialized trained staff under the guidance of a senior agent. Every agent possesses a combination of skills and knowledge of fundamental real estate market analysis. Each agent is able to make a strategic purchasing and selling plan in accordance with the specific conditions of each property and different requirements from our clients. Agents from Express Realty Inc. are advocates of the company culture and promise to provide personal respect, honesty and equitable treatment during the provision of services to clients, and to help them make an appropriate decision for the buying or selling of all types of properties.


-Showing according to specific requirements of price, location, house type, and facilities
-Marketing analysis on specific properties
-Home inspection
-Council Regarding Housing
-Target Market
-Just Listed Card
-Internal Broadcasting
-In-house Financing
-For Sale Sign
-Open House
-Newspaper Ads
-Our Networking
-Colour Feature Sheet

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