1. Know Condo Association Rules, Regulations, Fees, Assessments & Past History

Condo buildings have varying rules and regulations on showing, marketing, and selling units. Before you list your condo, check to see what kind of restrictions there are on details such as public open houses and ‘For Sale’ signs.

One of the common questions a buyer will ask is regarding the current maintenance fees, any recent increases, special assessments (aka levies) due and what has been paid in the past 5 years. Having all of that information together for the buyer will help them feel at ease knowing that you are prepared and open to answer their questions.

2. Hire a Realtor that has experience selling Condos

When selling a condo, it’s critical that you hire a responsible, knowledgeable realtor who knows how to sell and negotiate.

3. Pricing your Condo to Sell

With a strong financial background and years of both professional and personal real estate experience, our team can help you establish a strong list price that matches the market. We will work with you and look at comparable units within the building and in similar condos to determine the best possible selling price.

4. Prepare your condo for Sale

Condo units are sometimes tight on space, which is why presentation is key. Decluttering your space can make it appear more spacious, while depersonalizing offers prospective buyers a blank slate to imagine the space as their own. Our team can recommend cleaning, staging, and home improvement services if necessary for selling a condo. Since the ultimate goal of selling a condo is to get the property sold, it makes sense to begin packing and preparing for the move. 

5. Stage your condo properly

Attracting buyers to your condo requires proper staging and preparation.  Should you sell your home empty or staged. We will discuss the various staging packages with you to get your property ready for sale.

6. Obtain the Status Certificate

Your unit’s status certificate is a document that includes all of the basic information on your unit and condominium building, including financial details, fees, upcoming increases, and a unit’s arrears and liens. It also includes the condo declaration, by-laws, rules, and more. This document will help you answer many questions a potential buyer will have.

7. Target the Real Estate Market

Our marketing campaigns include social media outreach, online advertising, network email blasts, direct client and broker calls, brochures, and more. Our marketing program will be tailored to you so your condo is presented effectively to the target audience.

8. Negotiate and Close the Deal

When an offer or offers come in, we will notify you immediately and set up a time to discuss your options either in person or over the phone. We provide your our expertise on the validity of the offer. Once a decision is made, the details will be looked over by your legal representative, who will oversee the transfer of funds and key exchange. After that, your condo will be sold!

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