Pre-construction Purchase and Resale

Express Realty brings the most detailed up to date pre-construction project information to clients. The information is provided by large Canadian builders who have long-term cooperative relationships with Express Realty Inc. Our knowledge helps clients make the appropriate investment decisions with professional evaluation reports from Express Realty’s consultant for each project. This report will analyze and evaluate the specific project according to the location, quality, construction scale, and builder, in order to get a reasonable and professional report to our clients. Express Realty Inc. improves the communication between client and builder, and acquires the marketing information from both sides. Express Realty Inc. is also able to provide mortgage, insurance, and legal consulting services to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

West Village is one of the most successful group-buy projects led by Express Realty Inc. In February 2010, Express Realty Inc. invited over two hundred investors to the VIP Grand Opening Preview. This created a buzz and sensation unparalleled in the local real estate market. The West Village community was built by one Canada’s largest builders of sustainable condominiums-Tridel. Tridel is committed to building communities that are environmentally responsible, energy efficient, and healthy places to live.

Interview investor
Interview TD manager


Interview Tridel Sales Manager
Express Realty Inc. group in the VIP Grand Opening Preview




Renovation and demolition is the second project of Express Realty. This project focuses on obsolete single homes, detached houses, and town houses located in the midtown and downtown areas. Express Realty Inc. will set up a demolition scheme of designing, renovating and construction after a professional assessment of each location. The collaborating construction corporation assumes the responsibility of the demolition plan. The new house will be listed with a significant value-added price after the demolition is completed.

Land Investment

Land investment is the largest project that Express Realty Inc. provides to our clients. The project provides cooperation opportunities for Express Realty Inc. and the largest Canadian builders. This project requires a largest investment compared to the other projects. The potential profit return will be significantly higher. Express Realty Inc. holds the ownership of the land in the project, and the builder is responsible for the entire construction plan. This cooperative project requires comprehensive evaluation and assessment in advance in order to achieve the highest investment return to clients.