Why do rental property owners hire a management company?

• Owners do not live in the area
• Owners do not have the time, expertise or ability to self-manage their properties
• Owners want to deal with a single company rather than many sub-contractors, tenants and others
• Owners don’t want to worry about collecting rent, dealing with tenant issues and maintenance

Express Property Management Inc. is

a fast growing property management company in the Greater Toronto Area. Our years of experience, combined with our reputation for quality service and proven reliability cannot be surpassed. We provide a full complement of residential property management that includes maintenance and repairs, renovation services, rent collection and leasing for residential properties in the Greater Toronto Area.

Express Property Management Inc. has been a leader in property management business. With centralized facilities, we support some of the most valuable properties throughout Toronto. Our devotion to our customers has contributed significantly to our success. The company has expanded to its present size through offering superior service at competitive pricing to our clients. From the beginning our goal has remained the same: an unrelenting commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction.

Express Property Management Inc. has grown to become the standard of excellence in our industry. Within that industry, the demands for a higher level of service at even more competitive prices grows, Express Property Management Inc. combines a proficient computer organization with professional management staff that are knowledgeable of the local real estate market. Also Express Property Management Inc. provides complete property care. Our team of property care treats each property with the highest regard. They are proactive managers who constantly refine the services they provide. We are also dedicated to Quality Control. Perfection is the goal of the quality control team. This is, after all, the very cornerstone on which Express Property Management Inc. was founded.

We trust this overview meets your expectations of a full service real estate organization. It is Express Property Management Inc.’s commitment to provide you with the most reliable service possible. If you have any comments, please give us a call at 416-221-8838. Our clients are our most important assets. Thank you for considering Express Property Management Inc. as your full service property management company. We look forward to doing business with you.

The following services are provided to all of our valuable clients;

• Marketing the properties: MLS, Internet, and Newspapers
• Tenant screening
• Preparation of lease agreements, lease renewal and/or termination
• Collection of deposits & monthly rental payments
• Handle delinquent payments & returned cheques, tenant evictions & legal matters
• Communicate with the condo management office for general/special matters and complaints caused by the tenant
• Dealing with damages and defects in the unit, and arrange technician/handyman to solve problems*
• Unit inspection before and after moving-out at the end of the term, and arrange cleaning services*
• Monthly bill payments & deposit rent cheques
• Pest control*
* technician/handyman/pest control/cleaner service charges are Landlord’s responsibility

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