The Management team of Express Realty Inc. is championed by Sam Liu and Fred Li. In the first two years since 2009, Express Realty has redefined its market competitiveness by increasing its market share and has prepared a forward-looking development plan. In 2011, Express Realty strategically changed its objective from marketing developments to market share while maintaining and securing its leading position in the local real estate industry. Our focus for sustainable development and the rapid expansion of Express Realty has required a systematic, standardized, and automated office management system. To build on its past success, Sam and Fred dramatically moved the developing objective from marketing to the company’s operational system. After one year, Express Realty has completed its restructuring and has improved its internal operation system. Now Express Realty is increasing its agent team by recruiting high-quality agents who fully understand the company’s business philosophy and will achieve the company value and mission objectives.



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