Every decision made by express Realty Inc. seeks to provide our partners and clients with maximized real estate and investment value. Our approach of putting our clients’ retirement plans first and foremost provides for consistent performance and solid returns.


Express Realty Inc. is a Canadian real estate consulting firm. We offer strategic planning, research and analysis based on a comprehensive knowledge of local and international markets. We also assist clients in every stage of the real estate process, by representing them in the buying, selling, and leasing and property management.


Express Realty Inc. is acutely sensitive in building a teamwork environment. We are foremost a people oriented company. Our employees provide an efficient and effective service in real estate while maintaining only the highest of ethical and moral standards.

Business Philosophy

Express Realty Inc. is an asset owned real estate investment and consulting company. With our unique business philosophy of combining a diversified real estate service of investment, buying, selling, leasing and property management, Express Realty offers you a unique competitive advantage over traditional real estate companies. Our innovative approach enables Express Realty to maximize performance in various market and business climates.