Express Realty Inc. is a dream of our principal founder – Sam Liu, who believes that choosing a real estate career was his fate. Sam became a licensed real estate representative in 1995. Sam has worked in three local real estate companies for 14 years and has accumulated a wealth of marketing abilities and knowledge of real estate investment, buying, selling, and leasing and property management. Sam’s innovative real estate business philosophy and insight into different business operational systems distinguishes him from traditional real estate companies. Coupled with his working experience, his business philosophy has provided him with a unique investment opportunity during the world economic recession resulting from the US loan and financial crisis of October 2008. Express Realty Inc. was founded in September 2009 by Sam and his partner Fred Li.

Sam’s business philosophy provides Express Realty Inc. with a rare ability to survive during rapidly changing market situations. Express Realty Inc. differs from other real estate companies by buying its own real estate assets. In 2009, Express Realty Inc. started a pre-construction project by purchasing more than 80 condo units. This strategy gave Express Realty the chance of taking advantage of very favorable policies set out by the Canadian government, including lower mortgage interest rates. Sam’s strategic investment mitigated the loan crisis impact on the local real estate market. Sam envisioned the year 2009 as a preparation period. Sam predicted that more immigrants from Asia would bring large amounts of cash inflows to boost the local Toronto real estate development market. Sam said, “The opportunities of 2009 will bring Express Realty Inc. a stable development nest in 3 to 6 years, and put us on the prowl all the time.”

The success of 2009 brought Express Realty Inc. into a leadership position in the local market. The management team of Sam and Fred created the first steps leading to Express Realty’s prosperity. Express Realty Inc. expanded in 2011, moving to a new office location with more than 500 condo units either owned or supported by more than 20 employees. Now, Express Realty Inc. is facing an urgent human resource requirement to support its continuing development into the future. Express Realty Inc. is inviting every real estate agent, who thirsts for success and has the potential to achieve the same values of Express Realty Inc. to come join our team.